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Skilled Management Evolves

Introducing our new name:
Savant Senior Living!

Why are we rebranding?

We've been on quite the journey together. Over the past five years, our CEOs Adam Zenou and Mochi Bercovich built our portfolio into 10 amazing senior living communities. Just in the last year, we've doubled our family size from five to ten. Now, we think it's time to bring all our communities together under one big, purposeful brand. While we'll have this shared identity, remember, we cherish the special touch and personality of each community in both LA and Riverside. 

Do we have plans to upgrade our communities?

  • Yes, we will be investing in improving our properties, design and aesthetics. 

  • We will also invest in our staff, develop training and development programs and help them grow in their careers

What makes Savant different?

  • Our leadership team. Our founders started in the senior living industry themselves as administrators and have established a reputation as problem solvers, improving senior health care, increasing access to great care. 

  • Our purpose goes beyond mere business—it's about seeing our communities truly flourish. At the heart of this vision is the growth and development of our dedicated employees, who are our backbone. We've been heartened to see families, who once left because of past management decisions, returning to us—a testament to the trust and value we're rebuilding.

  • Empowering Progress: We're passionate about cultivating our staff into budding entrepreneurs. Witnessing their career ascent and growth is a testament to our shared vision and dedication.

Which communities will be rebranded?

  • Coming soon. We will be adding our rebranded communities in the coming weeks. We encourage you to visit our website over the coming weeks for more updates. 

Got questions about Savant?


8202 Florence Avenue, Suite 200
Downey, CA 90240



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